19th Nov, 2013

Exhibition comes to a close at The Louvre

VICTORI CONTEMPORARY thanks you for joining us at Fotofever Paris 2013 for our exhibition Léo Caillard: Sous le Musée at the Carrousel du Louvre!

Ed Victori & Léo Caillard

Dealer Ed Victori & Artist Léo Caillad shown pictured in front of Hipsters in Stone – Calliope and Aristaeus, as well as new centerpiece work by the artist Sous le Musée – Grande Galerie at Fotofever Paris 2013

To the crowds of Paris and supporters abroad,

Our appreciation goes out to everyone that joined us for the exhibition and supported along the way. Un grand merci à tous!

Showing work from 2011 to the brand new series Sous le Musée of 2013, this exhibition was a narrative on the fusion of timeless art and architecture, with our present day lives and human constructs. From our fast-paced visits through museums that we hope to revisit and remember through iPhone snapshots, to the refreshing contemporary renditions of legendary mythical icons, all the way to the exploration through time and space with apocalypse-style reconstruction at the Louvre, which upon further thought simultaneously confuses one as to whether the past is rising up or the future is closing in. Throughout these different series are interconnected concepts that Caillard is able to visually construct with brilliant execution and technique.  And while varied in subject matter and manipulative style, Caillard makes us question the grander schemes of time that exist and where we, in the technologically charged present day, currently land on that spectrum, all while flawlessly and ironically using one of the most timeless places on earth as the backdrop — The Louvre Museum.

Photos of the exhibition

Fotofever left wall

Léo Caillard, (top) Effacer cette oeuvre, 2011; (left) Blaise Pascal, 2011; (right) Grande Galerie, 2011

Fotofever right wall

Léo Caillard Hipsters in Stone, (top left) Jesus Christ, 2012; (top right) Young Caesar, 2012; (bottom left) Barberini Faun, 2012; (bottom right) Atalante, 2012.

Fotofever outside wall

Léo Caillard, (top) La Joconde, 2013; (bottom) La Salle Romantique 2013

Fotofever back wall

Léo Caillard, (left to right) Hipster in Stone – Calliope, 2012; Sous le Musée – Grande Galerie, 2013; Hipster in Stone – Aristaeus, 2012